Obstacles are powerful plot tools that provide entertainment and serve theme. Joss Whedon says this: “You take people, you put them on a journey, you give them peril, you find out who they really are.”

Obstacles cause major and minor turning points in your story. Obstacles combined with your antagonist are what force your hero down their journey of transformation.

The 3 Purposes of Plot

A film is about a hero with both a goal and a flaw due to a lie they’ve believed.

As they pursue their external goal, plot forces them down the journey of change. And in the process, the audience understands theme.

As you learn how plot and theme work together, you’ll begin to realize and harness the power you have as a story teller.

There are three key purposes for plot in your script. Explore them in this lesson!

The Rules of Story


The last thing a creative wants to hear about is rules.

We are FREE. Telling our own stories. Sharing dreams with the world via the incredible medium of film.

But regardless, there are rules to story telling that have existed since the dawn of time. Similar to music theory.

Understanding the rules makes us better filmmakers. It actually empowers our creativity.

It Begins With Story


There are too many aspiring filmmakers who jump into casting calls, gear and the like before they truly understand story telling. Story is where it’s at.

Even Spielberg said he’d rather have someone who knows story vs someone who doesn’t understand the story process, but knows all about the camera.

ANYONE can learn the tech.

The list of filmmakers who truly understand story is small.

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