Parents of Aspiring Filmmakers

Parents of Aspiring Filmmakers

If you have a child interested in filmmaking, this page is for you! Please watch the video below, and if you have questions afterwards, use the contact form to get in touch! All messages go directly to the founder and lead instructor of Write & Direct.

You can also schedule a call at the bottom of this page!

Is this self-paced training?

Yes. The film school is structured in a way that maximizes learning the craft of filmmaking, but can be done at any pace.

What is the ideal age?

Your child should be at least 15. Not to say a younger child can't participate in the school, but it's not designed for this.

What about inappropriate communication or content?

The training itself is 100% safe for any child. There are studio films referenced during the training, and some of these may have an R-rating, but clips from the movies are not played. Viewing them is discretionary and not required for the school.

What does my child need?

Your child will need a solid computer and a specific list of equipment in order to make the most out of the film school. We have a detailed, recommended list available upon request. Typically this cost hits aspiring filmmakers after they graduate from traditional film schools, which is never ideal. The equipment your child uses during Write & Direct will be equipment they continue to use as a filmmaker.

Schedule A Call

If you have questions about Write & Direct I'm happy to hop on the phone! Just schedule a time via the calendar below

Do you want to make movies?

If your answer is yes, Write & Direct is your inciting incident. It's your catalyst in the journey to becoming a filmmaker. There's nothing else quite like it. Enroll today or find out more below:

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