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How Much Does Film School Cost?

If you’re anxious to start your career as a filmmaker, considering the cost of education is often step one. However, this probably isn’t the first question you should be asking.

Which Film School Should You Attend?

You’re at the precipice of pursuing a career in filmmaking. Everyone knows you love movies. You can’t stop talking about them. You see things in the story others don’t. You think you could do this. In fact, you have to. It’s your passion. Now the question is, what film school to attend? And this decision will shape the rest of your career.

Does Film School Matter?

When the decision was made to attend film school, I hit up Google to find a school in LA. Attending film school in Hollywood seemed like the common sense way into the industry. My plan was confirmed after learning instructors at the school worked on wildly successful movies like The Matrix. This was it! I packed up my old Honda and moved to Los Angeles with big dreams.

Is Film School Worth It?

I’ll never forget the day I packed my bags and moved to Los Angeles to attend film school. It was incredible and taught me a lot, but it wasn’t the silver bullet for my career I thought it would be. It didn’t prepare for the harsh reality of what it’s like to get started in Hollywood.

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