Film School Curriculum

Film School Curriculum

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The Write & Direct online film school teaches in a way that mimics real world film production. We believe this increases understanding and retention. Although the training covers technical disciplines ranging from lighting and camera operation to sound design and color grading, it’s designed for directors. The only way forward in 2024 as a filmmaker is to learn it all so one doesn’t find their career held back due to a reliance on technical people.

The "Rules" of Story
The Idea
The Hero
Empathy Intentions
Plot & Theme
The 3 Purposes of Plot
Studio Examples of Plot & Theme
About One Thing
Study Case: The Greatest Showman
Antagonist Part 1
Antagonist Part 2
The Obligatory Victory
Title & Logline
Character Polarization Part 1
Character Polarization Part 2
A & B Story
Story Structure Part 1
Story Structure Part 2
Outline Points & Tips
Setups & Payoffs
Build & Release Tension
Finishing Your Outline
Scenes & Scene Sequences
The 4 Purposes of a Scene
The Treatment
Sight & Sound
The Application
Basic Writing Rules
Fade In: Beginner Tips
Final Draft: Beginner Tips
Character Notes
Preparing the Script
Script Breakdown
Equipment Overview
Aspect Ratios & Resolution
Camera Type
Sensor Capability
Lens Flexibility
Crop Factor
Depth of Field
Cinema Lenses
Frame Rates
Getting Proper Exposure
Light Meter
Lights & Modifiers
Slate & Timecode
Gimbal Introduction
Matte Box
Pocket 4K Camera Setup
Cinema Camera 6K Setup
Camera Shots & Angles
Line of Action
Location Scouts
Shot List, Story Boards & Shot Maps
Crew Positions
Props & Wardrobe
Tech Scouts
Craft Services
Casting Calls
Lighting: The First 3 Things
Lighting: 3 & 4 Point Setup
LED Light Assembly & Tips
Exposure Layers Review
False Colors
Using the Pocket 4K
Using the Cinema Camera 6K
White Balancing
Production Slating
Setup Field Recorder
Production Audio Basics
Field Recorder Advanced Configuration
Ronin RS3 Pro Basic Setup
Balance the RS3 Pro
Ronin RS3 Walkthrough
Pull Focus with the RS3 Pro
Using the PortKeys Monitor
Eyeline and Lighting Examples
Small Spaces
Camera Movement & Angles
Daily Media Tasks & Viewing Footage
A Scene from Start to Finish
Insert, POV & Line of Action
Introduction to Post Production
Prepare Drives
Install & Configure DaVinci Resolve
Timeline Basics
Cutting a Sample Scene
Resolve Project Settings & Preferences
The Media Page
The Cut Page
The Edit Page
Custom Keyboard in Resolve
Sync Camera & Audio
Add & Remove Clips in Resolve
The Trim Tool
Basic Sound Design
Music Acquistion
Cutting a Scene
Titles & FX
Render Cache & Optimized Media
Working with Proxy Files
Intro to Editorial
Know Your Footage
Types of Cuts
Cutting Scenes
Crucial Editing Points
Making a Performance
Sound & Music
Examples from RECKONING
Introduction to Sound
Hardware - Stereo
Hardware - 5.1 Surround
Fairlight Page
Media & Timeline
Dialogue Editing 1
Dialogue Editing 2: Room Tones & Fades
Dialogue Editing 3: Dialogue Processor
Dialogue Editing 4
Dialogue Editing 5
Dialogue Editing 6
Dialogue Editing 7
Foley & FX
Sound Libraries
Custom Sound Library in Fairlight
Foley, Ambience & FX
Stereo Mixing
Surround Mixing
The Foundation
Grading Room
Grading Hardware
Project Settings & Color Page
UltraStudio Monitor 3G Setup
Display Calibration
The Scopes
Node Tree Introduction
Gallery Stills & Image Wipe
Grading: Exposure
Grading: Saturation
Grading: Balance
Skin Tone
Grading: Contrast
Grading: Log Grading
Grading: HDR Tools
Matching Shot in Scene
Timeline & Group Nodes
Sharpen & Smooth Skin
Order of Operations
Power Windows
Color Warper
Power Grades
Parallel & Layer Nodes
Keying & Tracking
Noise Reduction
Magic Mask
Color Space Transform
The Node Tree

If you have questions about the school, please visit our contact page where you can get in touch and even schedule a free call to discuss the training in further detail.

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