The Details

The Details

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Is this an online film school?

Yes! Write & Direct is an online, self-paced film school designed to be a 100% replacement for traditional film schools.

How can an online film school even work?

Excellent question — How does an online school compete with an institution where you have hands on access to gear? The answer is two-fold: 1) At traditional schools there is A LOT of classroom time. Just like anything, many details of the craft are best relayed this way. For the hands on components, Write & Direct teaches in a granular easy-to-follow style that is similar to on set training. 2) Part of the Write & Direct training requires you to purchase gear. And this is so much better. Why? Because students of traditional schools graduate and have access to nothing afterwards. You will have all the gear they need to make their own films. And the gear plus the cost of Write & Direct still cost thousands upon thousands less than the typical film school.

Who is this for?

Anyone who wants to direct narrative film.

Who is this not for?

Those who want to do commercials, weddings, corporate videos or music videos. This training is designed for those who want to tell stories on the big screen.

Do I need to have gear?

Yes. You will need to purchase specific equipment to properly do this education. The good news? If you want to direct movies, you'll need this gear regardless of where you go to school. The goal of this training is to help you learn the craft affordably so you can purchase the tools you need to start your career vs spending everything on your education. Here's our recommended gear list and the training indicates when things are specifically needed.

I'm not that self motivated.

There's no way to sugar coat this: Anyone who lacks self motivation will never make it as a director regardless of where and how they attend film school. The film industry shows no mercy. It sifts everyone who isn't 100% dedicated for the long haul of pursuing the craft.

What will I learn?

How to make a movie from start to finish — And much more! You will begin with development and learn the conventions of story telling. Once you have a solid foundation in story (which many film school graduates actually don't have) you'll move on to other aspects of the craft including pre-production, production and post production. Every detail is covered from equipment and lighting to editing, sound design and color grading. All from the vantage point of finding success as a writer and director.

Will I make a movie?

Yes! Write & Direct is hands on. You will decide on an idea and take it all the way through to final end credits. Once your film is complete you can submit to online film festivals and even get it on IMDb!

I only want to direct. Why learn more than that?

A director is responsible for every aspect of a story. The more you understand, the better director you'll be. But even more important than this, in order to get established as a filmmaker in 2024 and beyond, you must begin making movies. And unless you can pay crew to be there on set every day, you need the skills to execute in all areas of the craft in order to push your career forward. Directors who wait on technical people stall their dreams in drastic ways.

Who are the instructors?

Kyler Boudreau is the founder and primary instructor for the Write & Direct training. After attending film school in Hollywood, Kyler worked on both studio and independent films in various positions including actor, editor, producer, sound designer, writer and director. You can view more at IMDb.

What's included with the education?

In addition to the online film school courses, students have access to the private Write & Direct community to receive filmmaking support during and after completion of the training. Students will have access to updated and new classes as well as private access to the soon to be launched Write & Direct Studio platform.

Can I get a refund?

Definitely. We are here to help aspiring filmmakers realize their dreams faster. If you don't think this training will do that for you, you have 30 days to evaluate and notify us that you wish to receive a refund.

What's the minimum age?

We typically recommend a minimum age of 15. If you're a parent interested in this school for a child, please see our parents of aspiring filmmakers page to learn more.

Will I have a degree after completion?

No. Write & Direct is not an accredited educational institution. Hollywood doesn't hire based on degree. They hire based on criteria like skills, film credits and audience. Tip: To test this simply call any studio and tell them you just graduated from "X" film school with honors and you want "X" job. The answers you receive will tell it all.

Schedule a call!

If you have questions about Write & Direct simply schedule a time to discuss.

Do you want to make movies?

If your answer is yes, Write & Direct is your inciting incident. It's your catalyst in the journey to becoming a filmmaker. There's nothing else quite like it. Enroll today or find out more below:

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