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Escape the pitfalls that claim the dreams of so many aspiring filmmakers. Learn the craft and start your career.

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The Director's Film School

You've got your eyes set on film school. Maybe it's in LA or New York. You're gonna break into the industry and become a successful director!

Small problem.

The entertainment industry does not care about where you went to film school. They do care about what you can do. About what you've done. The size of your audience. Your credits on IMDb.

After school you must begin directing. But here's the thing — It's on your dime. Along with food, rent and everything else.

Those who don't plan for this end up losing years.

Some give up entirely.

Write & Direct provides a better way. It truly is the director's film school.

Realize your dreams and enroll today.

What People Are Saying

"Your cadence, clarity, and simple delivery of concise facts really helps to teach. Guaranteed this channel is going to grow; you're doing a fantastic job."

— Matt Trevett

"That's it! You're my favorite YouTuber already. I've seen all your videos at once. I am also a RS3 Pro, a Blackmagic 6k Pro, a Davinci Resolve user, so...a lot to learn from you. Keep up the good work! Subscribed!"

— Vlad Pustai

"Great passion for Blackmagicdesign and commitment to tools that get the job done, that is making a real world film. Love the Channel production values. These are some of the best getting-started Pocket 4k videos around, especially since the Pocket 4k/6k are mostly misunderstood by YouTube space. Keep going here."

— John M.

"Kyler thanks so much for this is very important educational class. I'm so glad you have provided this knowledge with real footage to compliment and emphasize the finer points of exposure. Well explained and easy to understand. I truly appreciate your knowledge and experience in filmmaking."

— Kamishimo Productions

Do you want to make movies?


Plot, theme, characters, momentum, structure...Until you truly grasp story telling, you're wasting your time with everything else.

Do you want to make movies?


Location scouts, equipment, cast, crew, production design and so much more! What you do in pre-production echoes into the rest of your film.

Do you want to make movies?


The work done in development and pre-production pay off in huge ways. Every choice you make on set is about one thing.

Do you want to make movies?

Post Production

Foley, ADR, sound design, music, editing, color correction and sometimes reshoots. The story begins to take shape.

Do you want to make movies?


The path of the indie filmmaker must include an audience. Discover tools to build your list and your career.


What will you do after school?

Aspiring directors hit a stark realization after graduation. What is it?

The fact that nobody will hire them.

The first requirement to finding success as a director is to in fact direct movies. This means you must fund your own projects. But how do you do this if you're tabbed out after school?

This is when dreams clash with reality. The good news?

There's another way.

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What is Write & Direct?

What is
Write & Direct?

It's a massive head start.

Write & Direct guides you through the four phases of making a narrative film in literal, actionable steps. Nothing is left unturned. You will write and direct your own movie, enter it into festivals and submit it to IMDb.

And most importantly?

You will learn how to do it right. Too many aspiring filmmakers crash and burn because they don't understand the craft.

This is the online film school that will start you out right.

Ready to learn filmmaking?

Write & Direct is cohesive training that begins with development and takes you through pre-production, production and post production. Whether you're completely new to filmmaking or have tried your hand at the craft, this training can transform your future.

Phase 1: Development

Story is king. If you want to write or direct you must know how to go from idea to completed script the right way. Logline, structure, plot, theme, characters, obstacles — So many crucial points covered in 30 detailed lessons.

Phase 2: Pre-Production

Understanding pre-production is paramount to a smooth production. Script breakdown, shot list, story boards, locations, casting, crew, wardrobe, shooting schedule, equipment, tech scouts and more.

Phase 3: Production

It's day one of principle photography and your hard work will now pay off! Learn how to schedule, light a set, operate the camera, get clean sound, work with actors, prepare for editorial and so much more.

Phase 4: Post Production

It's been said that a movie is made in the editing room. Every moment of hard work leads up to this point. Learn about post supervision, picture editing, sound design, foley, ADR, color correction, music editing and more.

Meet Your Instructor

Meet Your

Kyler Boudreau | IMDb

Kyler began his career in Hollywood as a production assistant on studio films. He then transitioned to the world of independent film. Since he has worked on many feature length and short films in various roles from writer and director to editor, colorist and post sound designer.

Kyler and his wife Sandi run Theater Eleven Pictures, an independent film production company.


It's 2023 and more difficult than ever to break into the industry. Studios are locked citadels. Los Angeles is flooded with people trying to find work. And if you want to write and direct, it's even more difficult.

What's the answer? Don't rely on anyone else for your success.

To be a successful director you must learn the craft of story telling. You also must become technical. And you must start making movies now. You need credits on IMDb. You need to grow your audience.

But how do you afford film school, rent, food and making self-funded movies?

By learning the craft at an affordable price.

Write & Direct will do this for you. It will speed up your path to success. It can change your future.


Do you want to make movies?

If your answer is yes, Write & Direct is your inciting incident. It's your catalyst in the journey to becoming a filmmaker. There's nothing else quite like it. Enroll today or find out more below:

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