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How to Split Clips in DaVinci Resolve


Updated December 30, 2021

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If you’re switching to DaVinci Resolve from another NLE or just new to editing in general, one of the first items to figure out is how to add edit marks in the timeline. Resolve offers several ways to get the job done.

If you’re a filmmaker who cuts your own films, a common task using your NLE is to add edit marks in the timeline. In the world of DaVinci Resolve this is called ‘Splitting Clips’ or using the Blade Tool.

Split a Single Clip (Edit Page)

To quickly add an edit in DaVinci Resolve use the Blade tool. I’m assuming you already have media imported into Resolve and a timeline created with at least one clip. From the Edit Page in Resolve:

  1. Click the blade icon to activate it (top left of timeline)
  2. Hover over a clip in the timeline. Your mouse pointer will turn into a razor. Simply click to split the clip.
Enable the Razor or Blade Tool in DaVinci Resolve by clicking the icon over the timeline.
To disable the blade tool once enabled, simply hit "A" on your keyboard and it will deactivate.

Split Using Menu & Keyboard

If you’d rather use the menu or the keyboard, from the Edit page:

  1. Move your playhead to where you want to split the clip and go to Timeline > Razor to add an edit at the playhead.
  2. Hit Command B (blade tool or razor)
  3. Hit Command \ (split clip)

Rejoin Split Clips

Sometimes you need to remove an edit mark. The great news is that it’s easy to do:

  1. Position your playhead at the edit mark
  2. Go to Timeline > Join Clips or Option \

Remove Section After Splitting a Clip

A handy way to speed up cutting in Resolve is to use the split clip combined with the play head position to remove a complete section of a clip.

Cut down on your clicks by using Command + Shift + Bracket to perform faster edits.
  1. Use the Razor (Blade) Tool to make an edit
  2. Position the Playhead
  3. Hit Command + Shift + Open Bracket to remove from the edit to the playhead
  4. Hit Command + Shift + Closed Bracket to remove from the playhead to the next edit

Split Clip from the Clip Page

And yet another way to add an edit on your timeline is from the DaVinci Resolve Clip Page. Once on the clip page (second icon bottom of screen) position the playhead and then Control + Click on the very top. Then click the scissor icon to split the clip.

You may be wondering what the difference is between Razor, Blade and Split Clip. From everything I’ve seen, there essentially is no difference. They will all cut through multiple tracks at once. If you edit with the blade tool, you can still use the rejoin clip option from the menu.

Also, if you like to cut fast, mapping your own keys will make using the Blade tool even faster.

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