How to Add Audio Fades & Key Frames in DaVinci Resolve & Fairlight

Two fundamental tools for sound design are adding fades and key frames to audio clips. Especially when you’re working with dialog where one camera angle has different background ambience than another camera angle. DaVinci Resolve allows you to easily add and work with fades from both the Edit and Fairlight pages.

DaVinci Resolve Insert, Ripple Overwrite, Replace & Fit To Fill

An NLE must give a filmmaker the tools to rapidly insert and manage media in the timeline. DaVinci Resolve does not disappoint with their ripple overwrite, insert, replace and fit to fill editing tools!

How to Install LUTs in DaVinci Resolve & the Pocket Cinema Camera

You can purchase and install LUTs packages for both the Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera and DaVinci Resolve. These allow for better monitoring on set, and rapid color grading during post production.

How to Change Keyboard Shortcuts in DaVinci Resolve

When it comes to rapidly manipulating the timeline in an NLE the keyboard is king. And the great news is that DaVinci Resolve offers a fully customizable keyboard to make your editing extremely fast. Read on to learn how to change keyboard shortcuts for any command.

How to Split Clips in DaVinci Resolve

If you’re switching to DaVinci Resolve from another NLE or just new to editing in general, one of the first items to figure out is how to add edit marks in the timeline. Resolve offers several ways to get the job done.

Setups & Payoffs

Setups and payoffs are one of the crucial tools filmmakers use to both engage and reward the audience. Yet setups are not meant for exposition. They must stand on their own in order to work.

Is Film School Worth It?

I’ll never forget the day I packed my bags and moved to Los Angeles to attend film school. It was incredible and taught me a lot, but it wasn’t the silver bullet for my career I thought it would be. It didn’t prepare for the harsh reality of what it’s like to get started in Hollywood.

The Inciting Incident

You’ve seen it in every good movie you’ve ever watched. It’s what launches our hero on their journey. Typically that journey is one of transformation. And it normally takes something catastrophic for a person to want to change.

What is a Locked Script?

You just typed “FADE TO BLACK” on your script. Congrats! But your script isn’t quite ready for production. A film production must run off of a locked script, so everyone has the same information.

How to Break Down a Script

Breaking down a script tells you what you need in place to shoot your movie. From actors to props, costuming and production design. It’s all covered by the 1st AD with a script break down.

What is a Shot List?

A shot list details out every camera setup for each scene in a movie. Shots lists allow the director to plan ahead of time in order to be more creative on set. They’re a part of pre-production that can have the most impact on production.

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